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“Dr. Penfield, I smell burnt toast” or, In Praise of Canadian Heritage Minutes

Heritage Minutes were a childhood staple for anyone growing up in Canada in the nineties. They have become a genuine, if slightly kitschy, part of Canadian culture, sort of like that cartoon about driving logs down a river, or Don … Continue reading

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Wolverine is a hip Canadian lumberjack

So I thought we’d start things off here with a bit of pop culture. A couple of weeks ago, I was subjected semi-voluntarily to the film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, due to a conspiracy of circumstances involving a hurricane, a power … Continue reading

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It’s like eating oatmeal for breakfast or working at the post office.

It’s okay not being American. Though I wasn’t so sure when I was seventeen, I know now that it’s okay not being European. I’m still a bit miffed at not being Scandinavian. And being from somewhere cache like Istanbul or … Continue reading

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